Goblintown.wtf NFT Collection. Why it took off…

First off, what is Goblintown?

Goblintown.wtf is a 10k nft collection on the Ethereum blockchain. The illustrations depict these goblin creatures and have a unique style. They minted 12 days ago, free to mint mins gas fee which was around $5 depending on when you minted. The current price floor is 6.7 ETh ($12,107.24 in usd) today.

When the project launched it had no roadmap, no utility and still the floor has reached 6.7 ETH.

So why did they take off and in a bear market? Storytelling and Meme worthiness.

Take a look at their website.

Goblintown.wtf website — Beautifully designed with storytelling. It’s all in the details. The way they write their descriptions and property titles in the nft collection are so…adorable?

On Twitter spaces not only are the nft owners of Goblintown wearing the pfp but they are taking on goblin voices! One twitter space it was just dedicated to goblin sounding voices.


Disclaimer I am not affiliated with this project and I don’t own one (hopefully one day, haha). Follow me on Twitter and subscribe to my YouTube channel!



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