How low can we go? Crypto, Stocks and NFTs

On Crypto

Today I bought some Bitcoin, Ethereum and…Apecoin. I would love to time the market and wait to see if the market has bottomed or if we still have a way to go but I’d rather keep consistent and DCA…I’m all about long term investing. I buy and hold. Of course that is harder to do when the market keeps going down!

On Stocks

It’s hard to believe Tesla’s price today is hovering around $658! I’m waiting to see if this is the bottom.

On NFT Market

The NFT market has been hurting so bad and I’ve seen lots of projects lose all of their value. This is why I never promote specific NFT projects because it’s extremely risky to be buying NFTs. I’m watching a couple of projects and waiting to see the next new low.

Bottom line, everything is down and the worst thing to do is panic.

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Disclaimer: None of this is financial advice.



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realm path

realm path

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